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Staff Masterpiece

Malaysia Miniature Hobby Show 2017

Mr Liow_Miniature Model.jpg

Title: IJA Type 95 Tank
Year: 2017
Medium: Miniature model
Description: Plastic

The miniature model on display is the work of Mr Liow Kum Wah, a Mother Tongue Language teacher, from Northbrooks Secondary School. On 8 & 9 July 2017, Mr Liow took part in the event held in Penang, Malaysia, by submitting his Japanese Type 95 tank for a model competition. His work was among 28 others that received the Commendations Award (Advanced Level). According to Mr Liow, “I joined the event because it is an opportunity to meet many international master modellers. I had learnt a lot from their sharing of techniques and methods of model making. His model tank is a reflection of the time of Malaya during the World War II in 1942. It serves as a reminder to defend our country at all times.

Hoarders by Experimental Arts Theatre

Mr Eddy_Theatre:Hoarders.jpg
On 21 & 22 July 2017, the Experimental Arts Theatre staged a performance written and directed by Mr Eddy Norisman, Subject Head (Aesthetics), from Northbrooks Secondary School. Titled Hoarders, it was presented at Centre 42 located within the art and civic district at Waterloo Street. The short play depicted the dilemma of a wife who began hoarding after the death of her son hence, affecting the relationship between her husband and daughter. “It was my first time writing a script for a public performance and directing adult actors. I was hesitant about the process because of the several challenges that presented before us. However, judging from the audience responses and feedback, I am satisfied that we had it staged eventually,” said Mr Eddy. The process of writing the script started in early 2016 while works on staging it began in December last year.