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Parent Support Group (PSG)

Designation  Name

Mr Teo Cheak Han.jpg
Mr Teo Cheak Han

Honorary Advisor

Mr Loh Gim Cheong.jpg Mdm Perina Lau.jpg
Mr Loh Gim Cheong Mdm Perina Lau

Vice Chairperson
Mr Richard Lim.jpg Mdm Sakura Osman.jpg
Mr Richard Li Mdm Sakura Osman

Mdm Martha Ng.jpg Mrs Marisol Ignacio.jpg
Mdm Martha Ng Mrs Marisol B. Ignacious

Project Coordinators
Mdm Cynna Wai.jpg Mdm Stella Ng.jpg
Mdm Cynna Wai Mdm Stella Ng

Dear Parents, 

“To share the responsibility and work in partnership with our school to develop our children’s potential.”

In line with this vision, we set the following objectives:

  1. Parent Support Group Logo.jpgTo play an active role in our programmes
  2. To establish a bridge between school management and faculty with parents.
  3. To provide appreciation and recognition for parents and school staff who are active and supportive in PSG activities/programmes

Chairperson: Mr Teo Cheak Han

Vice-chairperson: Mdm Sakura
Vice-chairperson: Mr Richard Lim
Secretaries: Mdm Martha Ng and Mrs Marisol B. Ignaci
Project coordinators: Mdm Cynna Wai and Mdm Stella Ng

We sincerely welcome you to join us as a member and if possible, volunteer a little of your time and expertise to help make the educational experience for our children better. Membership is free and all you need is to have a child who is a student at Northbrooks Secondary School.

By being a PSG member, you will reap many benefits:

  • Be kept informed of the latest development in Northbrooks Secondary School through our bi-monthly meetings and dialogue with the Principal and Vice Principals.
  • Have the opportunity to provide your feedback and share ideas – thereby contributing to change that will bring about positive growth and development of the school.
  • Attend workshops at no cost.
  • Your journey as a parent would be more fulfilling because:
    • You build your network of friends.
    • Your family participates in activities that will bring you closer together.

Jesse Jackson, American Civil Rights Activist, once said: “Your children need your presence more than your presents.” So come join us and let’s make a difference together!

Yours sincerely,

Mr Henry Ng
Internal Partners