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Mr Ramasamy Venugopal

The Outstanding STEM Teacher Award is a biennial award organised by Science Teachers Association of Singapore (STAS) and Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science (SAAS) to recognise teachers who are role models in the teaching and learning of STEM. These teachers ignite a passion for STEM in their students, use innovative methods to engage students in learning of STEM, and are passionate about making STEM interesting and relevant to students. 

Congratulations to Mr Ramasamy Venugopal (1st person on the left) for winning the Outstanding STEM Teacher Award 2019!

STEM Venu.jpg

Mr Venu from Northbrooks Secondary School, was key to the success of the school’s ALP. He was part of the team that contributed to the successful development and implementation of the STEM ALP focusing on Flight and Aerospace. 

Mr Venu believes in developing a holistic ALP that incorporates the STEM domains and facilitates the development of STEM dispositions. He worked closely with his team of teachers to ensure that the ALP remains relevant and sustainable. He made the learning of Aerospace come alive by giving students the opportunity to appreciate the real-world relevance of the field. To ensure sustainability of the school’s ALP, Mr Venu rallied his team of teachers in the learning of knowledge and skills required of the programme. Now, the teachers can helm the instruction of the lessons.