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Staff Learning Day

The Journey to Becoming Skilful Champion Teachers:

On 3 June 2015


Learning from and with others 

Northbrooks staff came together for a time of learning from one another and with one another. The focus was Becoming Skilful Champion Teachers and there was much insightful sharing on how we could prepare our students for the future through building their academic vocabulary and cultivating social skills in them. After that, we had a promotion ceremony to celebrate the sweet successes of some of our staff, followed by a moment to honour and recognise our dear staff from the pioneer generation who contributed a large part of their youth to the teaching fraternity. It was very encouraging to see how these wise, senior staff exemplify fortitude in their lives and remain passionate in contributing to the education of Singapore; an inspiration for the younger generation of teachers.

Mrs Chong, our Principal recognising Staff from the Pioneer Generation 

The Staff Learning Day concluded with exciting learning journeys that were catered to the different staff segments. Some went on a learning journey to Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre, others went to the Aviation Centre at Republic Polytechnic and another group opted for a caving experience at West Coast Park. These learning journeys were good experiential lessons aligned to the school’s Applied Learning Programme (Aerospace Programme) and Learning for Life Programme (Outdoor Education) for our staff. 

Tour at Republic Polytechnic Aviation Centre

Teachers in the Cockpit

Getting Ready for the Caving Experience

All Geared Up for Outdoor Learning


What Teachers have to say about the Staff Learning Day:

“Staff Learning days at Northbrooks have always been very encouraging. That’s because it’s a time when we all get together to relearn, reflect and recharge. We get to hear some best practices from our colleagues and are inspired to apply them in our own classrooms. I’m glad to have colleagues who are committed to becoming skilful champion teachers.”

Mrs Irene Ng, School Staff Developer (SSD)

“The caving experience was extremely exciting and we had a good time bonding!”

Ms Nurnadia, Teacher


“I never knew that the dark, tight spaces, crawling, climbing up and down with all the perspiration would be so much fun! Working as a team and communicating well was the key to success! Definitely worth trying if you’re game for it!” 

Ms Salihah, Allied Educator (Teaching & Learning) (AED(T&L))


“The tour at RP Aviation Centre was quite an eye-opening experience. I had the rare chance of boarding a private jet and also learn about what it takes to build an aircraft. I was impressed with RP which provides students the environment and ample opportunities to prepare them for the aerospace industry.”

Mrs Tan En Xin, Teacher