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Girls' Brigade



1. Mr Paul Tham (Advisor)
2. Mr Janson Yong (BB Teacher-in-charge)
3. Ms Isabel Ho (GB Teacher-in-charge)
4. Mr Huang Kee Hong
5. Ms Eunice Chan

Training Day / Time

Friday, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Alternate Saturday, 9.00am - 12.30pm

The 74th Company at NorthbrooksSecondary School was officially started in October 2004. The Girls’ Brigade is a union of three Christian organizations for girls. We hope to develop mind, body and spirit and to inculcate a sense of responsibility through useful Christian service.

Our motto is “Every Girl a Leader, Every Officer a Servant Leader”, and our programme helps to mould each girl into a reliable, disciplined and dedicated member of the Brigade who will make worthwhile contributions to the school and society in general.  An array of activities have also been arranged to develop the girls’ spiritual, physical, educational and social facets of their lives. With a focus on responsibility, discipline, healthy attitudes and leadership skills, students complete many badge work through these events.

In 2009, our secondary three and four girls participated in national competitions – the National Drill Competition and Values Venture Competition.  Our girls found these events physically and mentally challenging, putting in many hours of practice. In the course of competing in this national event, our girls learnt qualities like teamwork in a new light. 

Every year students also take part in national competitions organized by GB HQ.  This year, some of our Secondary two, three and four students participated in an Inter-Uniform Group (UG) Serving Learning Trip to Batam. The girls got the opportunity to serve the poor students in a school by helping in the process of building water tanks, making of mosquito nets and lying of bricks to construct a new pavement. Interaction with other uniform groups has also created various new learning lessons for the girls. Moreover, the girls also got to serve the nation through events like flag days.

Overall, 2009 has been a wonderful time for the girls to acquire useful life skills such as teamwork, participate and contribute to the Brigade. We look forward to an interesting and meaningful year, 2010 ahead.


  • National Drill Competition
  • Values Venture Competition
  • Flag Day
  • Overseas Service Learning to Batam
  • Drill Camps
  • Adventure Camps



  • Company Award 2015 - Silver


  • Company Award 2014 - Silver

This is an annual award where girls have to complete various badge work and meet different criteria set by the HQ to achieve this award.


  • Dr Low Guat Tin (LGT) Challenge 2015 - Silver

8 of our girls, together with 5 girls from a primary school company, formed a team to compete with others on their skills and knowledge.


  • The Girls' Brigade Company Award 2013 - Silver


  • Girls' Brigade Company Award 2012 - Bronze
  • Girl's Brigade National Cheer Competition 2012 – Bronze


  • National Drill Competition 2009 – Bronze
  • Values Ventures Competition 2009 -  Bronze
  • Company Award - Bronze (2005 – 2009)