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NYAA Silver Programme


The objectives of the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Silver Programme are as follows:  

  • To provide a platform for Brooksians to develop their 21st Century Competencies and Self-Leadership Skills.
  • To support the Northbrooks Secondary School vision of “Every Brooksian a Champion, Impacting the Community”, by  leveraging on NYAA’s vision of developing and maximizing the potential of Brooksians through
      • selfless community service
      • challenge of adventure
      • skills development, and
      • physical recreation,
  • so that they may be exceptional individuals who can contribute to society and the nation.
  • To encourage Brooksians to develop personal qualities of:
      • Self-reliance
      • Perseverance
      • Sense of responsibilities to themselves, to the society and the nation.
  • To encourage Brooksians to participate in this internationally recognized award programme.



The following diagram illustrates the programme Northbrooks Secondary school has in place for all students in the Secondary 3 level embarking on the NYAA Silver programme: - 

NYAA Silver Programme.jpg

Community Service

Community Service.jpg  Community Service.jpg
Community Service.jpg

Expeditions / Explorations 

Expeditions / Explorations.jpg
Expeditions / Explorations.jpg Expeditions / Explorations.jpg

Skills Development

Skills Development.jpg  Skills Development.jpg

Physical Recreation

Physical Recreation.jpg Physical Recreation.jpg