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Northbrooks 20th Anniversary

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National Day & 20th Anniversary Virtual Celebration (7 Aug)

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20th Anniversary Magazine

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Northbrooks 20th Anniversary Alumni Wishes


As you already know, the Carnival on Saturday, 4 July 2020 is cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation.

We request that you return your unsold coupons for the Carnival. Here is how:

If you have not paid for the coupons…If you have paid for the coupons…
  1. Return the coupons to your Form Teacher.
  2. If you have lost the coupons or are unable to find them, please try your best to find them. If you still cannot find the coupons, please inform your teacher.
  3. You will need to place your signature on the class list to indicate that you have returned the coupons.
  4. Please return the coupons by Thursday30 July 2020

  1. The General Office will issue a letter to your parents informing them that the money for the coupons will be refunded to them.
  2. On the letter, your parents will need to acknowledge the Giro account to which the refund will be made.
  3. If you have sold the coupons to others, you have to return the refunded money to them.

While we may not have a Carnival to celebrate the occasion, fret not! We still believe that some form of celebration to commemorate our school’s 20th Anniversary is important to show our resilience during this time. Also, it helps us to continue to create memories together in school.