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Environment Outcomes

Northbrooks believes that every student should contribute to our community. One of the ways is through the cleaning up of our beaches and waterways.

  • All secondary two students go through a land-based coastal clean up with emphasis on environmental conservation and knowledge of biodiversity.
  • All secondary three students go through a half-day kayaking activity while cleaning up the waterways and learning about the mangrove ecosystem. 

Kayak and Clean: A programme where students participate in kayaking along our coasts and cleaning up the waterways. This allows our students to contribute to the immediate community in Sembawang and Seletar Island.

Kayak and Clean.jpg Kayak and Clean.jpg

Kayak.jpg Kayak.jpg

Blue Ripple: A programme where students participate in cleaning up the beach and learning about how human pollution can adversely affect our biodiversity. In it, our students also helped to release trapped animals too!

Blue Ripple.jpg Blue Ripple.jpg