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Character Outcomes

Northbrooks believes that the outdoors provide a strong platform to build character. Students are challenged by choice to overcome their fears and develop values such as fortitude and teamwork.

  • All secondary three students to strive towards NYAA Silver Award by picking up outdoor adventure skills.
  • All secondary three students to go through a reflection module with emphasis on socio-emotional competencies
  • Student Leaders often facilitate outdoor experiences for students from other schools.

Outdoor Education Reflection Booklet
- Students write down their reflections of the experience and how it has impacted them.
- Teachers facilitate the session and align it with the socio-emotional competencies.

Outdoor Education Reflection Booklet.jpg Outdoor Education Reflection Booklet.jpg

Outdoor Experience for external schools
- Student leaders are trained to facilitate rock-climbing experience for students from other schools.
- Teachers organize and provide platforms for leadership development.

Outdoor Experience for external schools.jpg Outdoor Experience for external schools.jpg

Orienteering Race
- Co-organiser of the race with Orienteering Federation Singapore.
- Student Leaders involved in event management of the race.

Orienteering Race.jpg Orienteering Race.jpg