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Adventure Outcomes

Northbrooks believes that every student will build strong bonds, develop resilience and confidence through adventure-based activities.

  • All secondary one students to go through basic orienteering in the Sport Elective Programme.
  • All secondary two students to go through either dragon boat or kayaking activity in the Sport Elective Programme.
  • All secondary three students go through rock-climbing, abseiling and advanced orienteering activities during the PE Lessons.


Outdoor Activities in PE Lessons

- Rock-Climbing, Abseiling, Orienteering

Rock-Climbing.jpg Rock-Climbing.jpg

Abseiling.jpg Abseiling.jpg

Orienteering.jpg Orienteering.jpg

Sports Carnival

- Inter- Class Rock-Climbing Competition

Inter- Class Rock-Climbing Competition.jpg Inter- Class Rock-Climbing Competition.jpg 

Sport Education Program

- Orienteering Program

 Orienteering Program.jpg Orienteering Program.jpg

Sport Education Program

- Kayaking Orientation Program 

Kayaking Orientation Program.jpg Kayaking Orientation Program.jpg

PA Paddlefest Programme

- Dragon boat activity

Dragon boat activity.jpg Dragon boat activity.jpg