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e-Tour @ Lower Seletar Reservoir

Welcome to Lower Seletar Reservoir

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In Northbrooks, we grow our Champions to make an impact to the community. To do that, one of the programmes that the Mother Tongue Languages Department planned and executed is the Water Learning Programme. This programme started in 2013 and has been a good platform for students to learn about how water has been an important resource for Singaporeans. By exposing the students to the importance of saving this precious resource, we are instilling values such as empathy.

We are heartened to extend this programme to the public for you to have a first-hand experience in what our students are going through in the Water Learning Programme lessons. This 360 e-Tour were officially launched on 9th April 2021, during Speech Day 2021, where we celebrated the school’s 21st anniversary.

Throughout the course of this 360 e-Tour, not only will you be able to have a 360 view of the Lower Seletar Reservoir, you will also be able to hear our student guides sharing on the different aspect of the reservoir, and the importance of water conservation.

Before you start, please take note of the following:

  • If you are using your mobile phone, you may want to view the tour in landscape mode for best viewing experiences.
  • Try moving any image you see with your finger or mouse cursor to view the surroundings and locate the tags.
  • Look out for the tags below during the tour where you can click on it.

Water Learning Tour tags.PNG

Click here to begin the e-Tour.

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