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Learning journeys for all levels

Aerospace Learning Journeys (ALJ) were organised for all Sec 1 & 2  & 3 students to expose students to the real-world applications of the concepts, skills, and knowledge to enable students to experience aerospace modelling in tertiary institutions & in industry.

Sec 1 - Science centre, Air force museum

Secondary 1 students visited RSAF Air Force Museum. The Air Force Museum is a physical embodiment of the history, heritage, and values of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and is in align with our Sec 1 ALP curriculum where History of Aviation is infused in the scheme of work. 

Sec 1 - Science centre, Air force museum.jpg

Sec 2 - Aerospace exposure programs in polytechnics


Secondary 2 students visited the Science Centre where they attended workshops on paper planes and biomimicry in defence. Students learnt flight principles through paper airplanes, and applied the concepts learnt to enhance their design and solve problems.

Biomimicry is a hands-on workshop exposing students to the development of sustainable human technologies inspired by nature for military applications. The areas include Radar, Camouflage, and Flight.

Sec 2 - Aerospace exposure programs in polytechnics.jpg

Sec 3 - Aerospace companies (ST Aerospace, Rolls Royce)


Around 200 Secondary 3 Students from Northbrooks Secondary school visited ST Aerospace in Seletar to learn about the Aviation industry in Singapore and the various career opportunities the industry offers.  The students visited the Hangar and the Flight simulator and learned about the first hand dynamic work environment in the aviation industry.  Many students were inspired and through this learning journey they were able to make informed choices that would help them in making decisions with regards to their post-secondary education and career.

Sec 3 - Aerospace companies (ST Aerospace, Rolls Royce).jpg