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Vertical Green Wall

The school's foyer is adorn with lush greenery with a beautiful Vertical Green Wall. This green wall is comprised of 8 different species of sun-loving plants with a built-in automatic irrigation system to water the plants timely.

Vertical Green Wall.jpg

The following information is provided by Nparks and summaries the environmental, economic, social and aesthetic benefits of a Vertical Greenery.


  • Vertical greenery can alleviate heat islands by shading heat-absorbing surfaces.
  • It improves air quality by absorbing airborne particles.
  • It also enhances biodiversity in the city by providing additional natural habitats.


  • Vertical greenery optimises space that would otherwise have remained unused.
    It also serves as insulation, cooling the building and leading to savings on air conditioning cost.


  • Vertical greenery promotes a sense of ownership and fosters community interaction.


  • Vertical greenery enhances the aesthetic appeal of a building and helps to soften the artificial urban landscape and provide visual relief from the concretised environment.

Vertical Green Wall.jpg  Vertical Green Wall.jpg
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