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Physical Education Department


  1. To develop active and healthy individuals through regular physical activity and outdoor pursuits.

  2. To enable students to be competent and skilful in a variety of sports and games through active participation in PE lessons.

  3. To develop character through sports and outdoor pursuits to align and focus on 3 of the school’s values:

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  • Graciousness 
      • Managing personal & team challenges 
      • Understanding the importance of empathy in helping others to overcome challenges.
      • Showing care and consideration for safety of others

  • Integrity
      • Making decisions in sports or outdoor challenges that demonstrates compliance to game rules, protocols for outdoor challenges and safety procedures.
      • Demonstrate adherence to performance standards when participating in sports and games and fitness assessment.
      • Demonstrate sportsmanship during game play and competitions.

  • Teamwork 
      • Rallying the strengths of every team member to achieve team goals.
      • Managing peer relationships with positive words of encouragement 
      • Helping less skilled team mates to do better.