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Music Department

Our Music Curriculum

Music soothes the soul and makes a child whole! In our General Music Programme (GMP), we aim to develop students’ musical skills through listening, creating and performing music. We also aim for students to realise and stretch their musical potential and capabilities through our weekly music lessons.

Our Music Curriculum


Music Module

What is it about?

Secondary 1 (Exp/NA/NT)

Singing Module

Singing Module.jpg

Many people can sing but through the singing module, students are more aware of how to project their voices effectively and how to produce a better singing voice.

 Guitar Module

Guitar Module.jpg

Students are taught basic primary chords and strumming patterns. At the end of the module, students will be able to play a few popular tunes on their own.

iBand Module (Level 1)

iBand Module (Level 1).jpg

iBand. As the name suggests, students will be given an opportunity to play in a pop band setting using iPads. Students learn the skills of playing the drums, ukulele and keyboard on the iPad and they get to form iBands (small ‘rock/pop bands’) in the class. At the end of the module, students get a chance to perform in front of their class.

Ukulele on iPad.jpgStudents learning how to play the ukulele on the iPad.

Guitar Module.jpg
Besides learning as a class, students also get an opportunity to do peer teaching when learning how to play the guitar.

iBand Module.jpgStudents practising in their respective iBand to put up class performance.


Music Module

What is it about?

Secondary 2 (Exp/NA/NT)

iBand Module (Level 2)

This is a continuation of the Sec 1 module where students will explore more possibilities to play the available instruments in the iPads in their own friendship groups (informal learning approach). In this informal learning approach, students take ownership in selecting and mastering their choice of pop songs in the iBands and learn to negotiate with their band mates through effective communication.

Music-Art Infusion Module

Students will learn the elements of music and practise listening skills to a chosen music. Following this, students will use visual representations to show their understanding of the piece of music.

Japanese Drums Module (for NT students)

Students learn basic Japanese drumming patterns. Selected students will also have a chance to perform in school events.

Brooksian Talent Showcase.jpg

Students from Sec. 2 NT performing an item for Brooksian Talent Showcase.