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Mathematics Department

Key Plan

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The Mathematics department inspires the love for Mathematics through the Department Pedagogy, Concept-Rich Instruction (CRI) by Meir Ben-Hur.  In CRI, teachers first identify the core concepts of the mathematics curriculum and plan an instructional sequence that builds upon concepts students already understand and gradually engages students in further learning.  Teachers design learning experiences that provoke thoughtful discussions which lead to new mathematical concepts and prepare students to apply these concepts on their own.  In short, the department emphasises the importance of learning experiences and applications of mathematics in enthusing the students in the learning of the subject.

Currently, the department is involved in 3 projects to explore alternative approaches to enrich students in the learning of mathematics.

For the Express stream, the department is collaborating with the N6 Cluster of schools on a project, “Enhancing the Pedagogy of Mathematics Teachers to facilitate the development of 21st century competencies in their classrooms”, in collaboration with the National Institute of Education.  For the N(A) stream, the department is involved in a MOE project ICAN, “Improving Confidence And Numeracy”, to enable teachers to better engage students who are weak in mathematics.  For the N(T) stream, the department is partnering Spectra Secondary School in the “Flipped Classroom” and “Team-based Learning” project.  This project seeks to develop self-directed learners through the learning of mathematics.