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Elements of Business Skills (EBS) Room

Northbrooks’ Elements of Business Skills (EBS) Room -
Textbook coming alive for Upper Secondary NT Students

The EBS Room will be an exciting learning station to showcase the service industries (retail, hospitality and travel & tourism) introduced in the EBS syllabus. The room will feature 6 sections namely;
(1) Retail Shop
(2) Theme Restaurant
(3) Deluxe Hotel Room
(4) Singapore’s Visitor Centre
(5) Students’ work display
(6) Students’ group discussion tables

Elements of Business Skills (EBS) Room Layout.jpg

Impact of the EBS Room

The EBS Room with its simulated displays of the different service industries will bring the textbook alive as learning can now takes place in an authentic environment. The props and setups does not only allow students to visualise the concepts taught but also provide many opportunities for meaningful role playing. In the retail shop for example, students can learn about effective product display and marketing techniques and role play as service staff to demonstrate good customer service.

This experiential learning environment will keep students engaged and motivated in learning as it helps to increases their interest and understanding of the subject matter. Students will also find the learning process fun and enjoyable. The group discussion tables provides a cooperative learning environment for the students and by displaying their group work in the display corner, students will feel a sense of ownership of the room.

Elements of Business Skills (EBS) Room.jpg