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IT/CPA & EBS Department

Our Facilities

Northbrooks is fully equipped with 4 computer laboratories and 1 IT rooms are available.

Mobile carts equipped with 20 laptops each are placed in the Nime Room and Bio Lab.

The school has equipped more than 30 wireless access points and Segregated Wireless Network (SWN) in various parts of the school to enable lessons to be carried out beyond the classroom.

Our Programmes 

  • IT literacy programme for lower secondary students.
  • Animation programme for Infocomm Club members.


E-Learning Day will be held every year.

The objectives of the E-Learning Day are for students to:

  • experiance an alternative mode of learning, that is self-paced and independent

Students were not required to report to school on that day. Students will stay at home to access the school's e-Iearning portal to complete all the learning tasks assigned by their teachers before 2359 on that day.