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Experiential Learning

Secondary Two Geographical Investigation

On 5 July 2016

The Secondary 2 Express and Normal Academic students conducted their Geographical Investigation (GI) in the Tiong Bahru area in March. They were investigating "What Made Tiong Bahru Special to Its Residents?". They interviewed residents at Tiong Bahru Market to collect first-hand real data. They also practised other Geographical skills such as sketching the changing housing landscape of the area as well as conducting a land use survey. These tasks helped students to understand the changing resident profile in this area. 
Apart from the opportunity to apply the Geographical skills learnt, students were required to carry out prior online research of the history and heritage of Tiong Bahru. They were able to identify the unique architecture of the flats built by Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) after the war and the various murals depicting interesting features of Tiong Bahru. This helped to create a more visual experience. 
In their post-GI reflection, students reflected that the experience has taught them to appreciate older neighbourhoods which contain a rich history and heritage.

Approaching residents to complete their survey form.jpg

Approaching residents to complete their survey form

Interviewing residents at Tiong Bahru Market.jpg

Interviewing residents at Tiong Bahru Market


Sec 1 and 2 NT Learning Journey to Battlebox

On 27 June 2016


The Secondary 1 and 2 (Normal Technical) students visited the Battle Box at Fort Canning Hill to learn about the key events leading up to Singapore's fall during the Second World War. Students learnt about the key strategic issues that led to Singapore’s surrender on 15 February 1942.

The underground bunker setting provided an authentic learning experience for students as they journeyed through the corridors of a key installation during Singapore's darkest period in history. During the tour, students were captivated by the interesting stories and also came up close and personal with historical artefacts.

The experience was both immersive and enriching as it allowed students to develop a greater appreciation for Singapore's historical background.