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Whole-School Approach to Effective Communication


To foster a culture this values effective communication as a critical 21st century skill, and develops subject literacy in Brooksians.

Key Programmes:

  1. Subject teachers teaching in English focus on developing subject literacy in students.
  2. IP and Non-IP department programmes provide platforms for students to practise effective communication.
  3. Brooksian News Champions
  4. Subject Literacy Reading Programme
  5. Lower Secondary WSA-EC Project (inter-disciplinary topics from EL, Science, Humanities, PE & Home Economics)
  6. Secondary 1NT – 3NT Drama-in-Curriculum
  7. Secondary Three Service-Learning Presentations
  8. Secondary Four / Five Debates
  9. Public Speaking and Facilitation workshops for student leaders
  10. Emcee skills training for Masters of Ceremonies for school events
  11. Participation in speaking and writing competitions (internal & external)

School Values Assembly Talk by WSA-EC Champions.jpg

School Values Assembly Talk by WSA-EC Champions

Brooksian News Champions (BNC).jpg

Brooksian News Champions (BNC)

Dr Alison Tan (of ELIS) and teachers from Northbrooks Secondary School.jpg

Dr Alison Tan (of ELIS) and teachers from Northbrooks Secondary School discuss the role talk plays in writing