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English Language Curriculum


By the end of the Secondary 4 year at Northbrooks, a Brooksian should be able to:

  • communicate clearly, accurately and effectively in speech and writing that is appropriate for purpose, audience, context and culture;
  • think critically and evaluate what they read to be critical and independent thinkers;
  • analyse a variety of complex texts in different forms and styles;
  • appreciate the nuances of language and how language works in different contexts;
  • use language to demonstrate an understanding of world issues.


The pedagogical approach for the English Department is a thoughtful and flexible use of CLLIPS and ACoLADE:

Principles      Processes
Contextualisation                                    Raising Awareness
Learner-centredness                                Structuring Consolidation          
Learning-focused interaction                                               Facilitating Assessment for Learning
Integration                                  Enabling Application
Process Orientation                                    Guiding Discovery
Spiral Progression                                  Instructing Explicitly


EL Key Programmes


1. Lower Secondary Whole-School Approach to Effective Communication (WSA-EC) Projects and Presentations on a range of inter-disciplinary topics.
2. Speaking Activities:

    • Secondary 1 Exp. & 1NA:  Show and Tell
    • Secondary 1 Exp. & 2NA:  Readers’ Theatre
    • Secondary 3 Exp. & 3NA:  Persuasive Speech (Service Learning)
    • Secondary 4 Exp / 5NA & 4NA:  Debates
    • Secondary 1NT – 3NT:  Drama – in – Curriculum

3. Reading Programme (newspapers, magazines and subject-based articles)
4. Self-Directed Learning (ICT-enabled and lesson packages)
5. Participation in internal and external speaking and writing competitions.
6. Enrichment workshops (E.g. Research skills, Storytelling, etc.)
7. HELMS Day (Inter-disciplinary trail)

EL Key Programmes.jpg
EL Key Programmes.jpg EL Key Programmes.jpg
EL Key Programmes.jpg EL Key Programmes
EL Key Programmes.jpg

EL Key Programmes.jpg

EL Key Programmes