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Food & Nutrition Unit

Our Programmes:

Food and Consumer Education (FCE) is a compulsory modular subject for our Lower Secondary curriculum.  Food and Nutrition (F&N) is an Upper Secondary elective subject catered to meet the interests and passions of students who choose to pursue culinary skills and research work interests at a higher level.


Our Programmes:


Lower Secondary

For projects, our students are exposed to process skills which promote self-directed learning.  For practical sessions, our students are taught basic culinary skills with basic knife skills (slicing, chopping, dicing), cake-making, pastry-making and batter-making skills.

  1. Food and Consumer theory Topics
  2. Practical Sessions
  3. Coursework Project


Upper Secondary

Our school offers Food Students (FS) for our Normal (Technical) students, and Food & Nutrition (F&N) for our Normal (Academic) and Express course students. We prepare our students for GCE N-and O-Levels by teaching them skills for Knowledge and Understanding (Paper 1) and Analysis, Planning, Application and Evaluation (Paper 2) in a given Coursework Task.

1. Food and Nutrition theory Topics
2. Practical sessions
3. Coursework Project


Lower Secondary Projects:

Secondary One

‘My Healthy Muffins’ is a Lower Secondary FCE Coursework Project implemented in 2016 for our Secondary One students. Students are tasked to modify and create a healthy muffin that can be sold in the school café. For the project, our students will be taught to make informed decisions with appropriate justifications to select suitable ingredients for their muffins. They will apply food preparation techniques and the appropriate cooking method in the preparation of their own muffins.

My Healthy Muffins.jpg


Secondary Two

'Things that Bind’ is an integrated Craft & Technology (C&T) project focussing on strengthening family values and relationship. This project was initiated in May 2013 and rode on the ‘Eat with Your Family’ initiative to encourage our Secondary Two students to play the role of a Family Youth Ambassadors in strengthening family values and relations through working together on Art, Design & Technology (D&T) and Food & Consumer Education (FCE) projects.

'Things that Bind’ aims to affirm and raise the level of confidence in Brooksians to play active roles as Family Youth Ambassadors in emphasising the importance of preserving the family values of ‘Love, Care and Mutual Respect’. 'Things that Bind’ was selected for funding by National Family Council for Project Superglue and invited for a live radio interview by Live 93.8FM and television interviews in Channel 8 Good Morning Singapore and Channel NewsAsia The Little Red Dot. The project was also reported in Lian He Zao Bao (联合早报) on 23 May 2013.

Since 2013, the FCE unit has continued to implement this project as a basis of the Secondary Two FCE curriculum. Through this project, students were encouraged to eat together with their family as it is one of the many ways to deepen family relationships. Together with at least one family member, students had to prepare and serve a healthy meal for their family. As part of the assessment, students had to share their reflections on how the entire process of grocery shopping, preparation and eating the meal with their family meant to their classmates.


Things that Bind Participant.jpgThings that Bind Activity.jpg

Things that Bind Activity.jpgThings that Bind Activity.jpg