Design & Technology Unit

The D&T Unit in Northbrooks Secondary School aims to develop passionate, innovative and self-directed learners through a progressive 4-year experiential-based programme to widen their learning of design.

The programme for each level is as follows:

Levels Programme  Activities

 Lower Seondary

Focus: Building student's confidence in Ideation and Sketching.


Approach: Through the use of templates and teacher's demonstration of the design task.


Sec 1 - Mobile Phone Holder


Sec 2 - Tape Dispenser

Upper Secondary

Focus: Building on student's critical problem solving skills through Design Thinking.



Through structured and guided  D&T programme.

Sec 3 - Accessories Holder/ Family Communication Board.


Sec 4/5 - Coursework


Here are some of our Lower and Upper Secondary students' projects over the years:

Students' Project