Student Leadership Programme

Brooksian Leadership Framework

Vision and Mission

In Northbrooks, we believe all students can be leaders. We define leadership as service – a service for a purpose that leads to a greater good. The act of leadership is influence – inspiring others to believe and act in for that purpose and hence the focus of leadership is people. The committee adopts a 3P tiered approach (1. Personal 2. Peer 3. People) towards leadership development for this limited timeframe when Brooksians passed through the gates of Northbrooks. 

Tiered Approach

This tiered approach is based on the sphere of influence of leadership which believes that positive and influential leadership is to be built upon strength in character so that greater good can be achieved. As such, in Tier 1, the individual focuses on personal development in the acquisition of the school’s GIFTED values and Self-Management in preparation for their transit to higher levels of leadership beyond Northbrooks. In Tier 2, the individual will have built a strong character foundation and possess leadership potential. We define leadership potential as having traits such as hence is able to acquire leadership skills to positively influence her peers. In Tier 3, the individual is able to inspire and rally her community in making a positive impact in the larger community. 

The leadership development curriculum, known as Brooksian Leadership model, is designed based on the 3H (Heart, Head, and Hand) outcomes. The curriculum aim to nurture student leaders who are anchored in the school’s GIFTED values with the Heart to Serve (adapted from Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf, 1977), possessed the Champion Mindset in their Heads, and empowered with the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership (adapted from The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner, 1987) in their Hands.The Student Leadership team believes that every student leader needs to be developed in the following sequence:

  1. Developing the heart to serve first
  2. Growing with a Growth Mindset of knowledge
  3. Equipping with the skillsets to serve

3P Tier Approach
There is a need to tier student leaders into different categories so as to track their developmental progress and to customise programmes at targeted group of students. The tier-ing of Student Leaders takes close reference to the leadership domain in LEAPS 2.0

Student Leaders 3H Outcomes







Tier 1


 Display initiative


 Leading themselves to do the right thing

Tier 2A

 Empathy: Understanding Others

 Leading by example

 Conflict management skills

 Facilitation and public speaking skills

Tier 2B

 Develop awareness of others and the needs of the community

 Rally the school

 Leading in planning and executing school wide events

Tier 3


 Develop traits of servant leadership: The use of negotiation with persuasion in decision-making

 Leading people to impact the community 

 Leading  in planning and facilitate school wide/ community events

Signature Programmes:

Internal Programmes

External Programmes

Emerging Leaders Programme

N6 Student Leaders Conference

Pinnacle Leaders Programme

N6 Cluster Orienteering

Greenleaf, R.K. (1997) The Servant as Leader.
Kouzes, J & Posner, B (2012) Five Exemplary Practices of Student Leadership.
Dweck, C (2006) Mindset The new psychology of success.

Professional Development for Teachers
Professional Development for Teachers

The Student Leadership team takes teacher training seriously and actively role model continuous learning for our Student Leaders. The teachers have undergone training workshops in experiential learning facilitation and visual facilitation so as to cascade these skills to the Student Leaders. 

The teachers are also kept abreast with the youth development scene in Singapore through its learning journey to MOX, a collaborative entrepreneurship company. During the visit, teachers caught a glimpse of synergistic possibilities and how leadership is operationalised in local start-up firms.