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Character and Citizenship Education

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  • Vision: Global Citizens, Leaders with Character
  • Mission: To instil a champion mindset in all Brooksians and empower them to become positive change agents of tomorrow.

Northbrooks Secondary School is committed to nurturing all Brooksians to be GIFTED champions with a serving heart; individuals who are also deeply anchored in our school values [GIFTED i.e. Graciousness, Integrity, Fortitude, Teamwork, Empathy and Discipline].

Equipped with the relevant skills in a background of the 5 Social & Emotional Domains, the Brooksian Champions will be empowered to make a positive impact at various progressive levels; self, school, community, nation and world; thus actualising the C2015 outcomes (Confident Person, Self-Directed Learner, Active Contributor and Concerned Citizen).

These are achieved through:

  1. Lessons, programmes and teachable moments on the explicit teaching of GIFTED values, Habits of Mind, social and emotional competencies, leadership skills based on Kouzes & Posner 5 practices (The Student Leadership Challenge), and 21st century competencies which are key for students’ development.

  2. Modules that focus on Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education (SEd) and Cyberwellness, which cater to the specific developmental needs of our students.

  3. Learning experiences through various platforms such as Co-Curricular Activities, NE Commemorative events and Values-in-Action programme, learning journeys and project work to reinforce and support students’ learning.