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Northbrooks in the News 2020-2021


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23 February 2021 Pass on caring and helping others

Lim Zhixian, a student of Republic Polytechnic Institute, intends to participate in another volunteer program to help children learn. While finding her own life goals, she will try her best to convey the spirit of helping others. 

The experience of working as a volunteer in a nursing home in secondary school gave Lim Zhixian (18 years old) interest in exploring social services. 

She is currently studying business at the Republic Polytechnic Institute, and has joined the voluntary organization Heartware Network's the Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme for one year. Under this programme, she and volunteers will visit the residents of Tanjong Pagar HDB every two weeks from house to house to understand the living needs of the elderly residents.

At first, Lim Zhixian, like many people, thought that being a volunteer was to help others. It was only after some personal experience that she realized that she could also benefit. 

In addition to listening to the elderly sharing their hobbies and past life experiences cheerfully, Lim Zhixian said that during this period, everyone was concerned about the coronavirus epidemic, including the subsequent vaccination plan. "We will try our best to remind the elderly to pay attention to their health. If they need more masks and disinfectant, we will also record and follow up." 

She laughed and said that older people have different interests. Some elders like to discuss quite "esoteric" topics, covering history and politics in other countries. Although it sounds a bit strenuous, it can be eye-opening to her. 

The experience of face-to-face communication with the elders also gave the young Lim Zhixian a new understanding of life. She once met an elderly grandmother who was seriously ill during a home visit. 

Although her life-threatening, the old lady still behaved very strong and optimistic, which made Lim Zhixian quite impressed. "Just listening to her talk about her condition, I can't help but worry about her, but she has always emphasized that she is fine, as long as she can live with her children, she will be satisfied."

In addition to the Senior Citizenship Program, Lim Zhixian, who is about to enter the second year of the Polytechnic Institute, also said that she is going to participate in another volunteer program to help children in learning. While finding her own life goals, she will do her best to convey the spirit of helping others.


Lianhe Zaobao 


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13 January 2020Student discovers love for Aeronautical Engineering

Despite being diagnosed with bone cancer at a young age and having to give up his favourite sport, secondary school student Yao Zi Jie (Nicholas Junus) did not give up his passion for learning. 

Zi Jie (Nicholas Junus) found out about his condition in Primary 5, where he had no choice but to drop out of school for a year to receive treatment. When interviewed, the cheerful student was shocked after he received the news. However, he did not worry too much and had faith that he would recover. 

With his condition, Zi Jie (Nicholas Junus) had to refrain from physical activities, which includes giving up his love for floorball. However, this did not dampen his spirits and he remained positive towards exploring new things, which led him to a world of aeronautical engineering. This was when he joined his school’s Aerospace Applied Learning Programme, where Zi Jie (Nicholas Junus) took an interest in aeroplane modelling and aircraft designing, developing a passion in this area. This new experience definitely broadened his horizons, allowing his dreams to take flight.

Last year, Zi Jie (Nicholas Junus) was successfully accepted by Singapore Polytechnic under the Early Admission Exercise (EAE), and will kick-start his diploma education in Aerospace Engineering upon receiving his O level results. He also has hopes in pursuing a university education thereafter. 

When interviewed, Zi Jie (Nicholas Junus) jokingly commented “Previously, my school holidays were occupied with homework. Since there will be no work to do this holiday, I won’t feel used to it”.

“To be honest, I am not worried about my health, and will miss my school and peers after graduating. The good thing is, I will soon have homework to do.” 

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