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CCA Achievements

2018 - 2019

Congratulations to the school!
 National Cadet Corps Air Competition 2019

On 29 June 2019

Our Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 students took part in the NCC Air competition on 29 June 2019. Danny from 1G, Asfa from 1T and Zikri from 1D took part in the Paper Glider Range as well as Paper Glider Longest Time Aloft Challenge. Ammar from 2G took part in the Quadcopter Drone Radio Control Flight Challenge while Bryan from 2E took part in the Balsa Wood Glider - Catapult Launched Glider Challenge. They had to think critically and consider the various aspects of glider mechanics before constructing their respective gliders. This was a great platform for them to apply what they have learned during their training sessions in school.

It was a tough competition for the boys but we are pleased to announce that Bryan clinched the 3rd place in the competition! He constructed the glider within 1.5 hours, based on the schematics provided that morning before successfully launching it.

Danny folding 01.JPG

Bryan assembling 01.JPG
Zikri launch 01.JPG
Bryan receiving medal 02.JPG


Top Gun Fighter Challenge

On 11 September 2018

Our YFC students have won the 1st prize in top gun fighter challenge during September holidays. The competition was held at Hwa Chong Institution organised by Asia flight simulation centre.

Our champions are: 
1. Pilapil Alleone (3I)
2. Artiaga Tan Ren Lennard (2I) &
3. Jeremy Tan Kong Keat (2G)

Top Gun Fighter Challenge Winner.jpgTop Gun Fighter Challenge Activity.jpg   
Ngee Ann AeroChallenge

On 13 July 2018

4 teams from Northbrooks were through to the final round in the AeroChallenge at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.  With excellent teamwork and creativity demonstrated by the students, Northbrooks has emerged as Champion and 2nd runner-up.

AeroChallenger.jpgTop: Champion Team, 2nd Runner-up Team
Bottom: Finalist Teams
SPF-NPPC Badge Presentation Ceremony

On 17 May 2018

SSGT (NPCC) Ian Lim Jun Hao (4G) received the SPF-NPCC badge at the SPF-NPCC Badge Presentation Ceremony at Home Team Academy for his outstanding contributions to the Northbrooks NPCC unit.

Singapore Amazing Flying Competition 2018

On 7 April 2018


In the recently concluded Singapore Amazing Flying Competition 2018, one of our team achieved third placing in the Best presentation category. 

‘Destination Imagination’ Competition

On 7 April 2018


A group of Sec 3 students from Drama (CCA) clinched third place at the ‘Destination Imagination’ competition held in ACS (Barker). Through this competition, they participated in the service learning project where they were required to raise awareness for beating diabetes.
Red Cross Youth Excellent Unit Award

RCY Logo.jpg

On 18 January 2018

Northbrooks Red Cross Youth achieved the GOLD award for the Excellent Unit Award for the Year of Assessment 2017. This is the unit's 7th consecutive year attaining the Gold award (2011-2017).

In addition, 1 of our students also managed to attain the Director’s Award.  This is the highest attainable recognition in Red Cross Youth. Well Done!
NPCC Logo.jpg

On 18 January 2018

Northbrooks NPCC obtained the Silver Award for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award.
NCC BUC 2017
NCC Logo.jpg

On 18 January 2018

Northbrooks NCC obtained the Silver Award for Best Unit Competition.