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The Brooksian Crest

Brooksian Crest.jpg

Just as WATER

Is the basis of life, as a school, we will provide a nurturing and challenging environment, to inspire our pupils to learn and grow.

Just as TREES

Like Aspens and Giant Redwoods grow in groves supporting each other with their roots intertwined, people too are connected by a system of roots (our family and friends).  When pounded by the storms of life we need to hold each other up; just as the Oak with its deep penetrating roots withstands strong winds and violent storms, we will build a strong foundation of moral values so that our pupils will have the moral courage to make the right choices in life; just as the spreading branches of the Oak provides shelter against the sun and nesting places for birds, we will provide opportunities for our pupils to develop their talents and abilities to the fullest, so that they in turn can reach out to touch the lives of others and make a positive difference to their community and our nation.

GOLD Background

With a firm foundation of sound moral values to guide their thinking, our pupils with have the confidence to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. They will be well-balanced individuals, anchored by strong roots and equipped with the wings to soar to great heights to achieve their dreams with integrity; and they will become people with values and of value to their community our country.