Champion's Lodge

Champion's Lodge
The Champions’ Lodge was officially launched in October 2017. It was designed to provide a physical space for all Brooksians to unwind during after-school hours. The design of the space such as the flooring, wall colour, layout and choice of recreational activities was conceptualised by our very own Brooksians. In addition, it is a platform whereby meaningful activities and programmes such as workshops and games will be introduced to engage students after school. The slogan of the space is ‘By Champions, For Champions’ which is the reason why the physical space is also a platform to develop a culture of peer leadership among the students who have been tasked to run the centre. This selected group of students were elected as an executive committee and are in charge of running the lodge. For instance, the students were also involved in the publicity and execution of the official launch in October.

The student committee decided on the slogan ‘For Champions, by Champions’ and it guided them in deciding the type of activities that will take place in the lodge. Presently, the room has a variety of activities that engage students, such as a pool table, foosball tables, game consoles, board games, dart board and a reading corner. In 2018, engaging and interesting workshops will be introduced to all Brooksians.   

On 20th October 2017, School Advisory Committee Chairman, Mr. William Choo, officially launched Champions’ Lodge. To create a fun-filled atmosphere, the teachers and students designed several table games and activities such as a lucky draw and a photo booth. In addition, representatives from the student committee led members of the School Advisory Committee on a tour of the physical space.

In 2018, the Champions’ Lodge will be opened twice a week and all Brooksians are welcome to visit the space and to interact with fellow Brooksians through a variety of engaging activities and interesting workshops.