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Brooksian Code of Conduct

Flag Raising Ceremony

  1. All pupils must assemble in the hall by 0725 h to attend the flag-raising ceremony. The flag-raising ceremony will commence at 0725 h.
  2. All pupils must stand at attention during the ceremony.
  3. All pupils must be aware that all students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  4. All pupils will sing the Brooksian Anthem loud and clear.

The Brooksian Uniform

  1. All pupils must wear the school uniform at all times within the school premises.
  2. All pupils must wear the approved school attire (i.e. school uniform, CCA/PE/Class T-shirt) whenever they come to school (including Saturdays and school holidays).
  3. All pupils must not modify the school uniform.
  4. All pupils must not wear any other T-shirts underneath their school uniform, except for all-white singlet or all-white low-neck T-shirts.
  5. Parents' guardians must submit a formal letter/ medical document to support request for exceptions to the school dress code.
  6. PE shorts and PE T-shirts are to be worn only for PE lessons during curriculum time. Pupils should only change into the PE attire during PE lessons and be in school uniform after recess, ready for lesson.
  7. All pupils must wear shoes and socks (totally black) during normal school days. Black socks should cover up to the round bone at the ankle and must be worn at all times.


For boys:

  • Hair should be short and neatly combed.
  • Inappropriate hairstyle (eg. skinhead / Mohawk) is not allowed in school.
  • Sideburns should be short.
  • Moustache or beard is not allowed.
  • Hair should not be dyed or tinted.
  • Hair must not fall below eyebrows. 

For girls:

  • Hair should be tied neatly with a black or dark blue band if it is of shoulder length.
  • Only black or dark blue hair clips are to be used to pin up hair on the fringe so that it does not touch the eyebrows.
  • Hair must not be dyed or tinted.

General Appearance

  1. All pupils must keep a clean and neat appearance at all times.
  2. All pupils must keep their fingernails short and unvarnished.
  3. No make-up should be use at all times.
  4. Only girls are allowed to wear ear studs. Each girl are allowed to wear oly one pair of small, plain silver or gold ear-studs which are symmetrical. Ear sticks are not allowed.
  5. Piercings on any other parts of the body are not allowed.
  6. Jewellery or ornaments are not allowed.
  7. Spectacles must not have fanciful frames.
  8. Tinted or coloured contact lenses are not allowed.
  9. Tattoos drawings are NOT allowed.


  1. The school does not encourage students to bring handphones or hand held computerized gadgets to school.
  2. All pupils must be aware that in the event of any loss of handphone, the school will not be held responsible.
  3. The school will not conduct any search in the event that any handphone is lost or stolen.
  4. Handphone must be kept off at all times in school to ensure that it does not disrupt lessons.
  5. In the event that pupil is seen using the handphone publicly in class or school, his/ her handphone would be confiscated and his/ her parents would be asked to come and collect it from his/ her Form Teacher.


  1. Attendance is compulsory for all school activities.
  2. Pupils have to produce a valid medical certificate if they are absent from school activities. (With telephone number stated for verification purposes).
  3. In the absence of MC, a letter from parent/ guardian must be submitted. However, only one sch letter per term is allowed.
  4. Pupils who are late must report to the teacher or OM on duty. Failure to report would mean that he/ she will be marked absent from school and thus, be dealt with accordingly under absenteeism. Latecomers will face disciplinary action.
  5. Persistent late coming, truancy and absence without day valid reason is a serious offence.
  6. Pupils are not to leave the school premises during school hours without the prior approval of the Principal.
  7. All pupils must seek permission from the teacher if there is a need to leave the class. The teacher will issue a Movement Pass. This must be attached to the shirt pocket.
  8. Pupils will be allowed to leave the class only for urgent and/ or official reasons.
  9. Any pupils found to have skipped lessons will be punished.


  1. Pupils are to queue up to buy food and drinks in the canteen.
  2. Pupils are to consume all food and drinks in the canteen.
  3. Food and drinks are NOT allowed to be taken out of the canteen.
  4. Pupils are to display good table manners by not throwing food scraps on the table or floor.
  5. Pupils will throw remnants of food, plastic-wrappers, pieces of paper and empty drink packets/ bottles into the dustbin provided.
  6. Pupils are to return all crockery, cups etc to the receptacles provided by the vendors.
  7. Pupils are to sit according to the tables assigned to their class in the canteen. 

General Conduct

  1. Pupils must maintain personal dignity and the school's dignity in public by always wearing the school uniform with pride and upholding gracious and honourable behaviour.
  2. Pupils should show respect to their teachers and fellow schoolmates.
  3. Pupils should not use vulgarities at all times.

Consequences for Breaking School Rules

All pupils are expected to abide by school rules and behave themselves accordingly. Outside the school, they must uphold the good name of the school by conducting themselves in the public in a disciplined and responsible manner. Pupils must learn to be responsible for their actions and expect certain consequences if they choose to break the school rules or being the school's name into dispute.