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Northbrooks Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

Food Donation Drive - Food From The Heart

In September 2017, the Northbrooks Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team initiated a food donation drive. This food donation drive is a collaboration with our beneficiary – Food From The Heart (FFTH). FFTH is a non-profit organization in Singapore that brings joy to those in need by delivering food, toys & hope. The objectives of organising this food donation drive are to contribute back to the community, to promote social responsibility, to inculcate a gracious Brooksian lifestyle and to mould community-minded Brooksians. The total mass and cost of non-perishable healthy food items contributed by the staff, students and stakeholders in this food donation drive were 291.3 kg and $1, 059.70 respectively.


Food Distribution Drive to Blk 436 and 438


With the belief that 'Charity begins at home', staff from Northbrooks Secondary School distributed bags of food items to the needy residents staying in nearby rental blocks on the 1 November 2017. These food items which included canned food, biscuits, instant noodles, beverages and rice were donated by Hock Huat Keng Temple situated in Yishun Industrial Park A. Northbrooks has partnered with Hock Huat Keng Temple for the third consecutive time and Northbrooks was also honoured to have our temple representatives to join us on this day. This year, with the collaboration with Yishun Floral Resident Committee, the food was able to benefit 120 families from the two blocks of flats. Northbrooks Secondary School hopes to continue and expand this project to benefit more families around her area.