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Tribute to our Alumni 2018

3 of our 2014 Brooksian did Northbrooks proud by graduating from Polytechnic with excellent result!

On 9 May 2018

Adrian Benjamin Kiffly.jpg
Our 2014 Brooksian, Adrian Benjamin Kiffly just graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). He has performed very well in the Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology. He is also the proud recipient of the Pfizer Asia Pacific Bronze Medal.
Message from Adrian about NBrSS:
“Northbrooks Secondary has provided me with a platform to develop an interest in academia. During my time at Northbrooks, I was given outlets to develop various skills and values. I have gained such values while participating in the large array of enrichment classes which were provided to me by the school. The teachers at Northbrooks has gone out of their way to ensure that each student has a chance to not only obtain a proper education but to also enhance their personal values. The empathetic and tenacious nature of the teachers has provided an environment for students to grow their passion and characteristics. Northbrooks has helped me develop a passion for learning, strong moral values and a keen sense of duty and community.” 

On 7 May 2018

Fang Peng Cheng.jpg

Our 2014 Brooksian, Fang Peng Cheng just graduated from Republic Polytehcnic (RP) with Diploma. He graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Merit which is the top 10% of his cohort.

Message from Peng Cheng about NBrSS:
"From a shy, unmotivated and self-conscious boy that didn't know what he wanted for his life when getting into Northbrooks Secondary to a matured young man who is confident and passionate about his future. This is how Northbrooks has transformed me over the 4 years. All thanks to the caring teachers here who acted more like my friends than my educator which guided and motivated me along the way, as well as the opportunities given in my co-curriculum activity which stimulated my potential and developed my character over the years. I believe that in Northbrooks, with the right attitude, each of us will have the ability to shine on our own stage."

On 2 May 2018

Victor Ker.jpg
Our 2014 Brooksian, Victor Ker just graduated from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) with a perfect GPA 4.0. He is also the winner of the Singapore Exchange Gold Medal.

Message from Victor about NBrSS: 
"To me, Northbrooks Secondary is a place where everyone can develop their talent and find their direction in life. With its caring teachers that are willing to go beyond their duty to guide students in both academic and character, conducive environment where every student can learn and grow and its robust curriculum that develops the students' academically and personally. During my time at Northbrooks Secondary, the teachers ' style of teaching have allowed me to understand the concept easily which increased my study efficiencies. To add on, the co-curricular activities in school have allowed me to gain unique experiences that developed my character throughout the years. With 100% confidence,  I can say that these various factors that Northbrooks provides have guided me well and motivated me to strive for the best."