News & Achievements

Balik Kampung 2018: Memories By The Book

SAVE THE DATE on 19 May 2018, Sat to join us for our homecoming event.
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NCC Best Unit Competition

Northbrooks NCC obtained the Silver Award for Best Unit Competition.

NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award

Northbrooks NPCC obtained the Silver Award for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award.

Red Cross Youth Excellent Unit Award

Northbrooks Red Cross Youth achieved the GOLD award for the Excellent Unit Award for the Year of Assessment 2017. This is the unit's 7th consecutive year attaining the Gold award (2011-2017).

Brooksian overcoming difficulties

Hillary Heng Jia Xin, 17, went from the N levels to O levels while juggling family commitments.

Northbrooks News - School Reopens

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