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Community Effort Against High-Rise Littering

Brooksians Impacting the Community

As part of our holistic education, all of our Secondary Three Brooksians engage in a service learning project. Through initiating and leading a community service project that meets the needs of a beneficiary, students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning from their Character and Citizenship Education lessons. 

Students from 3D had worked with the Sembawang Town Council and learnt that the Town Council received feedback about incidents of high-rise littering in the area. On 19 April, our students engaged the residents through a public education drive to spread the message of keeping the estate clean.  In addition, our students helped with the communal cleaning of the area.  Kudos to our Brooksians who have met the real needs of our partners in the vicinity!

There will be other such projects that will be featured here – look out for them at this space!

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