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Arts Education Programme

Northbrooks Arts Education Programme

To deepen students’ appreciation for the arts, we:

  • expose all students to the different genres of arts,
  • engage them in arts experiences and
  • empower them by providing opportunities for students to showcase their talents and impact the community




Music and Art Curriculum for Lower Secondary

Visual and Performing Arts CCAs (Concert Band, Drama Club, Guzheng Club, Modern Dance, Stained Glass Art Club*)

Brooksian Talent Showcase (yearly)

Arts Assembly Programmes (Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts)

Sec 1 Performing Arts Enrichment Programme (Elective)

Brooksian Showcase Time during Assembly Programmes

Sec 3 Arts Learning Journeys to Museums, Concerts, Musicals

Sec 2 Visual Arts Enrichment Programme (Elective)

Visual Art Exhibitions



External competitions (SYF Arts Presentations, Music & Dance by T-Net Club, Photography competitions)



Performing Arts Leadership Workshop for Performing Arts CCA Leaders


Arts Assembly Programme_Beatbox Performance .

Arts Learning Journey - Sec. 3 students at the Art Science Museum.

Arts Learning Journey - Sec. 4 students at the Esplanade to watch the ballet 'Sleeping Beauty''. 


Visual Arts Enrichment Programme - Batik Printing Workshop

Performing Arts Enrichment Programme - Japanese Drum Workshop

Performing Arts Enrichment Programme - Mobile App Workshop

tn.Visual Arts Enrichment Programme - Printmaking Workshop.JPG.2.jpg

Visual Arts Enrichment Programme - Printmaking Workshop


 Brooksian Talent Showcase

                        Dance Explosion

                         Concert Band 

Guzheng Ensemble

Drama Club 


 Brooksian Talent Showcase during Assembly

Students performing a song item

Guitar solo


Visual Art Exhibition

Visual art pieces

Visual art pieces

Song Dedication Booth - Students dedicating songs and words of appreciation during Teachers' Day

Recess Time Concert - Showcasing student talents