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School Achievements


Congratulations to the school!

SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) 2017

On 27 October 2017

Sustained Lotus Award.jpg
Congratulations! Northbrooks Secondary School has achieved the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award in the SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) 2017!  

16th Elementz Science Competition

On 30 July 2017

Award Ceremony (Anselm).JPG Award Ceremony (Tejas).JPG
Anselms group engaging visitors during display 1.jpg Anselms group project display 1.jpg
Tejas group (during exhibition display) 1.jpg Group Photo during award ceremony (Anselms group) 1.jpg

It was their first time they had ever written a Science report and designed a Science poster, but two teams of 1G students gamely rolled up their sleeves and spent months planning and then presenting their work at the 16th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition held in Anderson Secondary School on 24th and 26th July.   

With a total of 46 lower secondary teams from schools in the North Zone participating in the competition, our two teams managed to achieve a Bronze and a Certificate of Commendation.   

The objectives of this competition were to: 
(a) generate interest in scientific study through investigative-type projects in science, and; 
(b) provide a platform for schools in the North Zone to exhibit and share their findings   

In addition to planning and conducting scientific experiments, each group was required to write a 1000-word report to describe their project and findings, and to design posters to highlight the gist of their experimental purposes, approaches and conclusions. The competition ended with students’ oral presentations to the judges as well as Q&A sessions on 24th July. On 26th July, their project booths were open to all North Zone schools for viewing and voting for the Viewer's Choice Award.   

The students have displayed high levels of enthusiasm and scientific inquiry throughout the project. In fact, all of them have even expressed great interest to join the competition again next year.   Our Brooksian Champions who took part in this festival were:

Our Brooksian Champions who took part in this festival were:   

Group 1  
Title of project: Anti-Antagonistic Ants!  
Synopsis of project: To investigate which natural ingredient will best keep ants away.  project: To investigate which natural ingredient will best keep ants away. 
Group members: 1. Pothu Tejas (1G)                             
                                   2. Aryan Deshpande (1G)                             
                                   3. Shin Thant Te Aung (1G)                             
                                   4. Jeremy Tan Kong Keat (1G) 
Teacher Mentor: Mr Quah Wai Kuan 
Result: Bronze

Group 2 
Title of project: Hydrodynamics - Resist Water! 
Synopsis of project:  This project aims to find out which shapes has the least resistance moving in water. Keeping force and volume of water constant, students will measure the time needed for different shapes to move across.  
Group Members: 1. Anselm Nair (1G)                             
                                   2. Teki Abhay Das (1G)                             
                                   3. Loh Chuan Kit (1G) 
Teacher Mentor: Ms Wendy Lee 
 Result: Certificate of Commendation

Brooksian wins C Div Boys' 10m Air RIfle Competition

On 4 August 2017

Shooter (2).jpeg
Shooter (1).jpeg

In the boys' 10m air rifle final, Northbrooks Secondary's Gai Tianrui won with 243.3 points, ahead of Raffles Institution's (RI) Bryon Lim (239.5) and Ng Kang Qi (219.0) of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). 

Click here to read the full article 

Chinese Singing Competition

On 9 July 2017

At the finals of the Chinese singing competition, Xing Kong Xia that took place on 12 Aug 2018. Our students, Tan Ching won an accomplishment award after she has made it into the top 5.  She was affirmed by the judges for her ability. She had an amazing cheering team that supported her throughout this competition



FamChamps Award

On 8 July 2017


Congratulations to 2 of our students who received the Outstanding FamChamps Award. FamChamps is a values-driven student initiative to promote the holistic message of Family and raise future Family champions.

Singapore Youth Festival

On 2 July 2017

SYF 1.jpg

SYF 2.jpg

In the recent Singapore Youth Festival 2017, our students managed to receive one of the top 3 Judge's Choice Award for the Youth Got Talent competition.

MOE ExCel Fest 2017

On 31 March 2017

Our PE/Outdoor Education and Humanities team were invited to showcase their respective projects (adventure Character Environment Programme and Germanopology) in the recently MOE ExCel Fest 2017. Our outdoor education students and staff were given the opportunity to share and communicate their ideas and experiences with other students and fellow educators in the  fraternity .

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-30 at 7.07.41 PM.jpeg Sharing their ideas 
and experiences.

Our Humanities team at the 
MOE ExCel Fest 2017

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 3.14.12 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 3.14.10 PM.jpeg Germanpoly created by our Humanities team.
  Students demonstrating 
what they have learned 
through from the 
Outdoor Education Programme.


Congratulations to the school!

Fun Bin from Northbrooks

On 29 November 2016


Students of the Environmental Art Club painted 5 dustbins which were presented to the public at Canberra CC on 6 November. The school was presented with a token of appreciation from Sembawang Town Council. The dustbin with the basketball design will be permanently placed at the futsal court in Canberra CC, to encourage people to bin their rubbish.

YFC and NT student Community work

On 03 November 2016

YFC NT CIP Flagday (1).jpg

In the belief that every single person can and will leave an indelible mark of difference in the lives of others, Northbrooks’ YFC and NT students partnered Touch Community Services on Saturday, 22 October 2016, to raise funds for children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds. The project was themed “iCAN – mark a difference”. This is only one of several platforms which Northbrooks uses to groom champion Brooksians, Brooksians who will become caring and concerned citizens. Though the students experienced rejection from some residents when they approached them to make a donation, the students remained gracious and persevered, keeping their mission and purpose in mind. They managed to raise a total of $1247

PA Community Spirit (GRO) Merit Award

On 15 August 2016


Northbrooks Secondary School (NBSS) has been an esteemed and valuable partner for Nee Soon East Grassroots Organisations. Northbrooks Secondary School was conferred with the PACS Awards 2016 - Community Partnership (GRO) Merit Award by People’s Association.

National Junior College Shooting Club 11th Invitational Shoot

On 15 June 2016


The National Junior College Shooting Club held its 11th Invitational Shoot on Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th, 2016 at Yishun SAFRA Indoor Air Weapon Shooting Range. Gai Tianrui (Sec 1 Empathy) finished 2nd in the competition for C Division Air Rifle Category. He displayed FORTITUDE, FOCUS and DISCIPLINE during the competition. 

National Story Challenge 2016

On 15 March 2016


The Finals of the National Story Challenge 2016 was held on Saturday, 12 March, and the team from Northbrooks was placed Second in the Grand Finals!

The competition requires teams of 3 student participants to create and dramatise an original story. Teams are given 15 minutes to prepare and enact their story based on a given topic (e.g. 'The Midnight Train'), and in the last 3 minutes, are given a condition which is unique to their team (e.g. 'There must be 3 rabbits in the story', or 'One of the characters must say "I'm pretty!" three times'). They are to then dramatise a 3-  to 4-minute story in front of judges. 

The students attended 3 drama workshops to help prepare them for the competition. 

Despite the challenging nature of the competition, the students demonstrated mental resilience, spontaneity, creativity, teamwork and an impressive amount of confidence.

S/N Name Class


Greendale Secondary School Adventure Race

On 7 March 2016


On 27th February, nine teams of Brooksians represented the school in the Greendale Secondary School Adventure Race. The students were from the Boys’ and Girls' Brigade, NPCC and the Student Council. Participants of the race had to navigate their way around the Punggol waterways and Lorong Halus over a distance of 30 kilometres. The participants were tested on several outdoor skills such as tent-pitching, outdoor cooking, navigation, knot-tying and mountain biking. The team consisting of our Student Councillors emerged overall second position in the race!